Welcome to the BV Basketball photo bucket!

Below are links to Dropbox pages where you can download shots for Freshman, JV and Varsity.

Varsity JV Frosh

Some things to note

-I did my best to get shots of everyone who played, obviously the more time a player was on the floor the more opportunity there was to get shots.

-Most of the shots are large format photos (usually 12mb) which means they can be cropped down pretty far and they’ll still look good. You can turn so-so distance shots into great ones if you crop them.

-If you are a shutter bug and want to share some of your photos with the BV Basketball family let me know! Email – gomesdayvin@gmail.com

-Varsity game video footage will soon be going in there as well soon, courtesy of coach Tom Kyncy. More highlights too!

-You can share these links with friends and family.

-These photos are scheduled for deletion May 31st, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Here are the links
Freshman –

Junior Varsity –

Varsity –

OK, Thanks for the great season boys!
Have fun!

All the Best,
Dayvin Gomes